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  • Nature based artworks available for sale 

  • Home/Studio Gallery Tours

  • Elevation Gallery- Canmore, AB and Fernie, BC

Lucie Bause: Professional Creative Services


  • Art for personal development and well-being

  • Restoring balance and connection with ourselves and Nature 

  • Raising consciousness and creativity through art-making processes

  • Personal empowerment through art and experiential learning

Exploratory Experiences:

  • Arts-based workshops, programs and retreats

  • Private and group sessions 

  • School visits and programs

  • Art-making with children youth and adults

  • Art Gatherings online

  • Corporate Team-building experiences


"My son and I were struggling with several different issues when Lucie entered our life. Lucie is an incredible human being, transparent, authentic and compassionate. Lucie encourages my son to express himself creatively, and to pursue subjects of interest to him. She provides diverse, inspiring art materials as well as thought-provoking concepts to work from. She also holds a very supportive space. I love how much humour and camaraderie my son and Lucie are sharing during their sessions. Communicating through art expression is helping to increase his willingness to engage with others and to initiate tasks. Lucie work with my son is very much supporting the development of hand-eye coordination, fine and gross motor skills, and finger dexterity. It is helping him also by increasing his attention span, while decreasing frustration. Lucie art's sessions have a dramatic impact on my sons well being."

-S. Edwards

"I have known Lucie for over 20 years as an artist. I have watched as she has honed her craft and explored new ways of using art to contribute to society and well-being. Lucie is one of the most thoughtful, purposeful people I know. I was very fortunate to have an opportunity to work with her during a time of intense decision-making. Lucie led me through a creative process of self-expression activities. The experience allowed me to dig in to a novel way of connecting with my decisions, my concerns, and myself. The creative process was interesting, helpful and enabled me to look at things through a different lens. I highly recommend Lucie."

- G. Kerr

"I was experiencing some challenges with one of my co-worker. I used different approach to improve the communication but the effect didn’t persist. I was surprised to feel an immediate emotional relief and a vivid understanding of the root of the issue through the art therapy process accompanied by Lucie’s guidance. The gift I received from this approach was a major shift and improvement in my relationship and communication with my co-worker. I am marvelled by this experience and recognize the beauty in connecting with our inner world through the art medium. Thanks Lucie."


-H. Cassista

“I found this process very illuminating and clarifying. It was really interesting to see what ‘came through’ when I let go of my conscious thoughts and allowed my unconscious mind to speak through art. Lucie was also very instrumental in helping me to see that it was my fear of something, rather than the issue itself, that was holding me back from making a decision. The thing itself was actually neutral and my success (or not) with it depended entirely upon my thoughts – the choice was mine. For someone like myself who is really good at ‘over-thinking’ this is an extremely helpful tool with which to find clarity."

-C. Honeyman

"I had an opportunity to have an art therapy session with Lucie in November. Lucie guided me and made me feel comfortable enough to do some difficult but freeing work. The results had a remarkable affect on me, I felt as if a huge burden had lifted. I would highly recommend this to anyone who is wanting to explore a deeper and truer self. Lucie is an incredible instructor, healer, artist.


It requires a great deal of trust to be able to embark on this journey and Lucie made me feel instantly safe and supported through this process.

I came away feeling rejuvenated and light. I was surprised and excited about what I discovered during this session and found it invaluable. I recommend this session to anyone."


-J. McGilvray

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