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Moonwatchers Ravens original art Rocky Mountain Landscape

Moon Watchers
24x24 Mixed-Media on Canvas
This couple sits quietly side by side, perched high on a branch, bathing in the magical night sky, ready to adapt to changes brought by the full moon, confident in the strong bond of their partnership.

Grizzly Bear Rocky Mountain Wildlife original art Western Canada

12x16 Acrylic on Canvas
Bears are deeply connected to the rhythms and patterns of Nature and its seasons. These patterns permeate the animals, the land and the sky to emphasize these interrelationships


Blue Raven II 
12x16 Acrylic on Canvas
Sitting still yet alert and ready for action, Raven awaits opportunity. He is ready for a new experience and embraces change. Blue patterns represent Ravens connection to his Nature and environment.

Raven+Moon 12x16 $500.jpg

12x16 Mixed on Canvas 

Transformation Butterflies original artwork on Canvas

Transformation (diptych)
24x36 Acrylic on Canvas
The butterfly is often used as a symbol of transformation as its stages of life are an amazing example of this remarkable process that we all experience in our lives, ever reaching new heights.

Connecting Ravens Original art Canadian Rocky Mountain wildlife

Connection II 
28x37 Acrylic on Canvas
The raven couple enjoys the close connection of courtship

Deer+Moon12x16 $500.jpg

12x16 Mixed on Canvas 

Metamorphosis Butterfly painting original art on canvas

12x24 Acrylic on Canvas
The major changes in the form and structure of the immature caterpillar to the adult butterfly are a remarkable example of the powerful transformation process in Nature that can help us reflect on our own personal changes in stages of life.

Horse 10x10 $350.jpg

Black Horse
10x10 Mixed-Media on Panel
The dark horse gains momentum and speed, he is unknown, and emerges into prominence unexpected. He surprises everyone and wins the competition by a mile. 

White Horse 10x10 $350.jpg

White Horse
10x10 Mixed-Media on Panel
A run after the rain in the fresh meadows...freedom 

Square Bear
12x12 Mixed-Media on Panel 

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