Landscape Painting- Session #1 


Landscape Painting- Session #2 

Blocking in the Foreground

Landscape Painting- Session #3 

Filling in the meadow and sky

Landscape Painting- Session #4 

Finished Piece- Summer Meadow

Summer Meadow- Stumbling upon the Sacred


This summer I stumbled upon a special, powerful place.


At first It looked like a regular meadow, until I camped beside it for 2 days, observing it, discovering it looked more like a sacred garden than a regular meadow. There was a circular form to it, and the wildflowers and grasses inside the circle were growing slightly differently than the vegetation outside. How unusual and intriguing.


As I contemplated this, a grouse popped out of the meadow and made my acquaintance. It seemed like she lived in this meadow, and made a point of making her rounds and greeting people nearby. She had a scar on her head, and likely some brain damage, as she was so tame that she practically took a nap on my foot while I was sitting at the picnic table.

I later learned from a Parks person that her name was Gwen.


Then I learned that this was an old ceremonial site, where Sundance ceremonies took place many years ago. Having the honour of witnessing a Sundance ceremony a few years ago, I could use my experience to look even deeper into this meadow and see it come alive with the Sundance ceremony. I was only at the ceremony for a short time, but it was enough to transport myself there, to feel the presence of the people camping out at the edge of the meadow, surrounding it, witnessing the 4 day ceremony, supporting the dancers in the lodge in the centre of the meadow, and sending their prayers during this powerful ancient rite.


I feel that the land remembers this, and so the meadow has grown back just ever so slightly differently in this area, to honour the people who honour the land…and to create a safe home for Gwen.

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